HYZOE refrigeration comprehensively analyzes the 2019 water-cooled industrial chiller market report.

2020-02-11 21:54

Judging from the growth rate, the water-cooled industrial chiller market in 2019 has a slightly larger amplitude of more than 15 percentage points compared to 2018, but this is similar to the basic trend of the overall chiller market, and it is also basically expected. situation. However, compared with the "bloom" in the water-cooled screw machine market, the water-cooled industrial chiller market seems to be calm even in these two years.


High brand concentration is a long-standing feature of the water-cooled industrial chiller market. The same is true in 2019. European and American brands still occupy half of the water-cooled industrial chiller market. Although the current national traditional chiller manufacturers are difficult to compete with American brands in the market and their competitiveness is slightly weak, in 2019, the national chiller manufacturers have performed well in the water-cooled industrial chiller market. National brands are found in water-cooled industrial chiller projects at Bengbu Sports Center, Jiangsu Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Factory, Jinan East Railway Station of Jinan-Qingdao High-speed Railway, and Suzhou Yinshan Lake Love Sea Shopping Park. It is worth mentioning that the water-cooled industrial chiller with high price and limited trial range was once recognized by the market as a niche product, which made some companies conservative, even if there are many enterprises involved in water-cooled industrial chiller units. , But it is not the main target of operation and development in 2019.


From the perspective of technological innovation, the promotion of frequency conversion in screw machines, especially the water-cooled industrial chiller market, is extremely difficult. However, the activity of "single-machine two-stage" technology in the past two years has indeed become this The market has few technical highlights. Although in some large-scale central heating projects, it has better adaptability, small footprint, stability, reliability, and higher efficiency, which makes the screw air-cooled heat pump unit take the dongfeng of the coal-to-electricity market and get Further expansion, but this will not bring too many growth points to 2019. Because with the development of time and the advancement of the market, the northern heating project market has begun to switch to small and medium-sized, which makes the water-cooled industrial chiller units that were mainly used in the northern heating market for large-scale central heating project energy station equipment. The abrupt halt, this market trend is more obvious in the year. Among them, the price has become an obstacle to the market development of water-cooled industrial chiller units. What needs to be realized is that the relatively higher price needs to face competition with other products with cold capacity. Even though the water-cooled industrial chiller unit is currently expanding in northern China, similar products such as large-volume vortex module units have more advantages in price, resulting in less opportunities for the water-cooled industrial chiller unit to exhibit.


Water-cooled industrial chiller has low cost performance, narrow application range, and many alternative products. This is an indisputable fact. However, in some market segmented projects, the superiority of water-cooled industrial chiller units cannot be ignored. In 2019, assisted by the country's further promotion of energy saving and emission reduction trends, water-cooled industrial chiller units represented by "natural cooling" technology benefit from energy saving, consumption reduction, and operating cost reductions. In hospitals, rail transit, and data Centers and other fields give full play to their advantages, which will also be a good point for a long time to come. As an important part of the company's product line, water-cooled industrial chillers still have significance and value at this stage.


The above section is taken from the "Grassroots Research Report on China's Central Air Conditioning Industry 2019". For details of the report, you can obtain the full public report in the following ways: